Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all our wonderful customers from the owners and staff of Atascadero Hay and Feed!

We hope you and all your loved ones, farm animals and pets are healthy and doing well in 2022! You already know we have the best nutritional feeds and supplements to be your partners in getting your animals healthier and maintaining that health, but we have some other ideas to add value into your lives through the power of goal setting.

We know you have big goals for your lives this new year, and we are already one third the way through January, so if you have not set any New Year’s Resolutions yet, we want to help you get all those goals written down and ready to roll!

This is a commonly used “Wheel of Life” way to gauge and chart different areas of your life for goal setting.

You can replace any of these categories for anything else you would like to focus on accomplishing this year such as “Build a barn” or “Make a chicken coop and add chickens to our farm.” You can even rip and tear out pictures of your goals and tape them in on this page to help you visualize them. Then you write down each category at the top of a page in your journal or goal setting book and list all the steps towards the completion of that goal. Just start taking little steps each day and as you list them, imagine them, write out the next step and stroke each step off as you accomplish it!! Next thing you know, more and more of your goals will be completed! Be sure to celebrate by saying Yesss! Or way to go as you stroke off each step!

Let us know how this is going as you pop in to get feed and supplies from us!

The owners and staff

Atascadero Hay & Feed