Tis' The Season of Giving

Tis’ The Season of Giving….for you, your loved ones, our community and yes, tis’ the season for your Farm Animals, too! 

If there is any one word used to describe Christmas and the winter holidays in general, it definitely comes down to one word: GIVING. With Christmas celebrations behind us and New Year’s Eve upon us, there are still so many ways to give good cheer in this New Year 2022!  If you feel so thankful and blessed in your life, let’s give and share to our loved ones, our neighbors, and animals in our unique and wonderful community. 

One of the most interesting ways of giving to animals and community was when I first learned of a joyful giving local annual event through our own hometown Zoo!Yes, the Charles Paddock Zoo!  Many of our community participated in theHoliday Magic 2021 this past month, where our community enjoys watching and enjoying the animals receiving Christmas gifts of specialty “treat” foods and toys! If you want to just go visit our animals, they love seeing us and the entrance fee helps feed the animals and bless our community zoo. If you want to be sure the zoo gets more proceeds, please visit their lovely gift shop! We always buy our grandchildren something and explain this helps feed and care for the animals! (A very expensive undertaking!) Also, if you want to just straight up support our local zoo, here’s how to donate.


There are no words to express the joy of giving, whether at this event or taking your children out to your own barn to give special fun food gifts to your own farm animals!

Almost everyone nowadays has some form of social media for their lives, whether you own a farming business, or just love living the Farm Life! Why not take some pics of your family with Santa hats on or holiday sweaters while enjoying and caring for your animals to share the joy with others! 

One of the most wonderful ways to generate a spirit of Love amongst humans and giving is to get presents and wrap them up by giving to those less fortunate than ourselves especially this time of year. 

One of our favorite charities to make the holidays special for children is the well-knownMarine’s ToysforTots.org to donate or buy and wrap a gift for a girl or boy to drop off at many local locations around town, https://toysfortots.org/donate/forms/simple/Default.aspx?sl_tc=homepage 

And let’s not forget our local food banks http://www.alffoodpantry.org (Loaves and fishes) for needy people to provide food during the holidays, and have anew beginning for the New Year, is our local wonderful Homeless shelter inAtascadero (ECHO) 

Did you know there is also a wonderful farm animal shelter in our area? Yes! TheGentle Barn in California not only helps rescue and bless farm animals year round, and in three states, but they also bless humans through the healing power of being around animals! 

You will love their website plus going there is a treat for all! Why not consider making this your family tradition! We are! 

Here’s what they say on their website….

With your support, we work hard each day to create a kinder world by rescuing animals, giving them sanctuary at The Gentle Barn, and healing children through telling the animals’ stories. 

To give today, just click here! 


Giving to others can also include worldwide giving to help third world developing countries provide for their families also! Check out this amazing charity to give to people in developing countries to be able to care for animals and bless their families! 


On a smaller distant lands level, a new effort is the Starfish Chicken Coop Mission in Kisii Kenya. The premise of this mission is to teach local widows, their children and orphans how to feed, love and care for chickens which will in turn feed them good protein through their eggs! 

(Premise:If you teach a man to fish you feed him for a day, but if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.) 

If you want to be a part of this great mission, you can contact them on Facebook at“One Little Starfish Mission in Kisii Kenya.”

So treat your loved ones, your community and animals with love, this holiday season and always! 

Written by Ruthie Smith