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We've Got Chicks

And everything else you need for your feathered friends




Atascadero is San Luis Obispo County's Poultry Headquarters. From March to October we stock a huge selection of chicks. We carry all breeds of chicks from common to rare, production to Heritage breeds. If we don't have the breed you want, we will be happy to order them for you. 

In addition to baby chicks, we also have or can custom order goslings, ducklings, turkeys and guinea keets. We also have all the supplies you will need to get started to ensure a happy and healthy flock. If you are interested in producing organic eggs, for your family, we carry a high quality organic chicken scratch. Have questions? We have experienced staff available to answer any poultry raising questions you may have.

Our poultry feeds include Natural, Complete, Soy Free, Organic and Show Feeds


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