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Storm Water & Erosion Control

Rain is inevitable and Atascadero Hay & Feed has the supplies to make sure you're prepared for it.


Culvert Pipe

Our HDPE load-bearing capacity is comparable to that of concrete (RCP) or metal pipes. In addition, our corrugated StormTite® HDPE pipe is lightweight, flexible and highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion. 

We stock: 8" x 20', 12" x 20', 18" x 20', 24" x 20' 


Straw Wattles

Our straw wattles provide perimeter protection along contours or at the base of slopes, inlets and roadways to reduce soil erosion, runoff and retain sediment. You can use wattles over bare soil or in conjunction with erosion control blankets, on steep slopes, around drains for inlet protection or as a perimeter control for job sites.

We stock: 9" x 25' 


Sand Bags

Our sandbags can also be used for erosion control, construction and landscaping projects, temporary barricades and fencing, adding weight on demand and for storing dry materials.

We stock: 14" x26"

Rotating Cloud

Contact us to place special and bulk orders for any size and configuration

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